View the list of threats here.

Here comes a explanation of threat-format. The format could be more compact, but I want it simple so it is easier to write a program that can search a board for these threats. All threats in the list are white threats. Any line that starts with a # is a comment line in the threat list.

One threat could be written as:

-1,1 +2

  1. W-W+B-BW1-BW1 is a description how the threat looks on the edge of the board. Start by going down and draw to the right like this:

    W means a white end and B a black end of a line. - is a left turn and + is a right turn. The 1 after two of the W's means that these two white line-ends must be connected in some way.
  2. 3 tells that the threat is a 3 stage threat.
  3. -1,1 +2 says this threat will expand 1 row to the left, 1 row to the right and 2 row down. This is important that know if there is a line-threat from the other player or if it is a 8x8Trax.
  4. C3\ is the move that activates the threat.

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