A GNU implemteation in Java of the Trax game

The GnuTrax project's goal is to release a open source trax Playing program. The main author is Martin M. Pedersen


To run the java program from commandline, type java -jar gnutrax.jar. This will start the gui. To start the command line interface do this: java -cp gnutrax.jar org.traxgame.GnuTrax

Ant usage

will compile and create the jar file.
ant run
will compile and run the program.

On windows can you just double click the .jar file.

Other info and todo

I am willing to spend some money to various help to this project. The list below will grow in the next days and not all items requires programming skills

  1. Proofread the threat database. I offer 1USD for each mistake found in the database (not spelling mistakes) to the first person to email me. I also offer 1USD for threats missing in the database to the first person sents me a note. My offer will continue until I have paid out 100USD in total.

Questions / comments? write to me: Cheers Martin M. S. Pedersen